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Balinese Culinary | The Balinese Satay

Balinese Culinary | The Balinese Satay


January 20, 2009

Bali is also rich with culinary options. One of them is the "satay". Indonesian people especially Balinese people often pronounce "satay" as "sate". We could find different kinds of satay in Bali, such as sate lembat, sate letlet, sate asem, sate empol, sate kablet, sate srapah, sate pusut, sate orob, and many others. Usually, all satay use meat and inner organs called jeroan, but it often use the diferent sticks.


Sate Lembat is made of chopped meat mixed with grated coconut, coconut milk and other ingredients. This dough-like mixture is then twisted onto sticks and grilled.

Sate Letlet is the same as sate lembat, but use a different kind of sticks.

Sate Kablet is similar to sate lembat and sate letlet, but before the dough is twisted onto sticks, a piece of liver or meat is put on it first.

Sate Orob is similar to sate lembat, but it uses the round sticks.


Sate Empol is made of boiled liver, meat, spleen and skin which have been cut in cubes, put on sticks and then grilled.

Sate Asem is very similar to sate empol, but it does not use a lot of ingredients.

Sate Srapah is similar to sate empol and sate asem, but it uses special ingredients called base kela.

Sate Pusut is made of boiled liver. Each stick contains three pieces of meat.

(Source : "Bali in Brief" by Bali Government Tourism Office, 2008)


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