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Bali Clean Up Day 2010

Bali Clean Up Day 2010


September 08, 2010

Bali is well known for may years as an iconic, tropical, holiday destination for people around the world. Tourists who planning their vacations to Bali have been tempted by images of green rice fields and idyllic Balinese villages.

But Bali in the past couple of decades, has been seriously challenged by the abundance plastic waste. From its underwater, coastal beach, mangrove area right to the top of the mountain, dawn to the middle of cities.


The situation is getting worse as the plastic-related waste is widely believed as the source of many floods, blocking water canals and many places become the breeding places for mosquitoes. In the past ten years, mosquito-caused dengue fever has been killing many thousands, especially young children and elder people. Yet, since no foreign visitor has been affected, such a huge impact has not been published. No international media has ever highlighted the issue. We are worried that not long in the future, the islandís poor waste management system might cause a cholera break, which experts believe will cause even more bigger casualties.


At September 20th 2010, hundreds of students, civil servants, community members and also participated by 30 stakeholders, NGOs, Environmental care foundation, Bali Rotary Club, Bali Hotel Assosiation (BHA), Ubud Hotel Assosiation (UHA), Bali Tourism Development Corporation (BTDC), Bali International Women Association (BIWA), and the Bali government will take part in Bali Beach Clean Up activities coordinated by the Bali Clean and Green group, to rid Bali temporarily of plastic waste as part of the local administration’s campaign to create a Clean and Green Province.

Bali Clean Up Day is not only aimed to reduce the amount of litter and to grow long-term environmental awareness, improve outbreak prevention and keep the island as the favorite holiday destination, but also to open people’s eyes about the health and economical threat of the ever increasing mountains of plastic waste that are littering and burying the island, clogging the rivers, polluting air, land and water, as well as to raise awareness of the financial and health benefits.

For further info, please contact :
Mr. Supardi Asmorobangun
( Media Coordinator - 08123830130 )

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