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Will food be our next crisis in Bali ?

Will food be our next crisis in Bali ?


June 09, 2011

Kerobokan Bali, - The environment in Bali, especially in the southern part of Bali has been degraded. Environmental degradation is increasing, one of the reasons is caused by the uncontrolled development of the tourism industry. The decrease of quality and quantity occurs on the agricultural land, biodiversity, clean water, rivers and coastal areas. Environmental degradation is now become a major problem in Bali because the environmental management has not done well. The risk of natural disasters such as floods, decrease in energy supply from fossil fuels and healthy food for humans now seems to haunt the people of Bali.


For humans, food is a major requirement. Many food-related issues, such as problems of malnutrition or food poisoning is usually caused by the lack of information about the healthy food.

Related to this, the WISNU Foundation held a "Healthy Food Discussion" on June 8th, 2011 in Jalan Pengubengan Kauh no. 94 Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta - Badung, in an effort to enhance the knowledge and the understanding of participants about healthy food and encourage people to consume local food in anticipation of food shortages in the future. In this discussion also explained that to obtain a safe and a healthy food does not have to be expensive and this is the rights of every person.


Speakers who participated in the discussion are Mrs. Christine Ismuranti (Kainara health food - owner), Mrs. Hira Jamtani (food and global warming expert) and Mrs. Enny Chess Yudha Hariani (director of PPLH Bali)

The scarcity of food, mainly rice, will occur with the increasing of population, the decreasing of the farmland and also the impact of global warming. Therefore it is necessary to take actions to encouraging people to return to consume local foods that is safe and healthy. This needs to be implemented by all components of society who care about the future generation, especially the next generation of Bali island.

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