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World Tourism Day : Artificial Reef Rehabilitation by Ena Dive

World Tourism Day : Artificial Reef Rehabilitation by Ena Dive


October 01, 2009

To celebrate the world tourism day every September 27th, The Bali Reef Project, lead by Ketut Ena Partha from Ena Dive Center, planted the artificial reef rehabilitation media on Wednesday, September 30th 2009.

According to Ketut Ena Partha, director of Ena Dive who is also known as the as the chief of the Bali Reef Project, the rehabilitation was done today considering the strong current that occurs lately on the Sanur beach.


The installation of the reef rehabilitation media at the Sanur beach has become the regular agenda of the Bali Reef Project. Started four years ago at the Sanur beach, the project will be continued to some other coast in Bali within few more years.

The Artificial Reef Rehabilitation is actually a simple project and does not need alot of fund, we need approximately 5 to 8 millions rupiah to built each 5 metres square of artifial reef media. But before we could install the artificial reef media, first we should analyze the type of the local reef, the sea current, the mineral, etcetera. We install one pillar from the bottom of the sea to the surface. Within the next 3 to 6 months, we will know how depth we need to install the reef and what kind of reef could adaptated well there.


According to Ena, with this simple method, we could know some type of reef that will grow well at the depth of 8, 10 or even 15 metres.

Meanwhile, Harold Friedrich, the General Manager of the foundation, who is also known as a Canadian banking pensioner, warm welcomed the enthusiasm of the Balinese people to preserve "The underwater habitat" of Bali.

The Bali reef is a part of the "Coral Triangle Center", streched from the island of the Gods, Bali, to the Philipines and Papua and also known as the most variety reef in the world. At the same time, it also challenge the natural destruction and even the destructive acts from human being.

The successful Bali Reef Project has been heard by another countries around the world. Korina Kempf, a Californian woman who read about this nobel project from the internet (, has volunteered to participate on the project.


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