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An Introduction to Bali
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An Introduction to Bali


For over a century, visitors have been drawn to the legend of Bali on this island of peace, harmony and ancient culture, guests from all over the world received a warm Balinese welcome. With Balinese culture prizing tolerance, tranquility and respect for each other and their guests, Bali has remained a safe, serene oasis in Asia. Bali is a land of incredible contrast, offering something for everyone. It is a gorgeous, glittering tropical rave, where day turns into night, and night back into day with barely a pause for breath.

It is a place for peaceful contemplation, where removed from the pulse of the crowds, the only sound breaking the silence are the frogs and crickets humming their tranquil songs. It is a place where elaborate works of art and spellbinding traditional performance leave guests with magical memories, and where the bright stars of the southern hemisphere cast their silvery light over ancient temples and sculpture rice terraces.

Bali's root go back in centuries to from around 2500 BC, when the first settlers arrived, believed from China. The Dutch in 1597, where the first to set foot on the island, and later colonized the country in 1800's. From the very beginning Bali has developed a unique combination of history, culture and religion, the latter forming an integral part of everyday life among the Balinese people. What makes this paradise island so unique, is the disciplined devotion to culture by its people.


The daily offerings to the Gods, the ceremonies and age old rituals, display a colorful and exiciting panorama to the visitors. No where else in the world where you will fill so spiritually fulfilled. Life in Bali is very communal with the organization of villages, farming and even the creative arts being decided by the community. Dance and drama play have historically played an important role in Balinese society. Every year the performance of age old tales of the Ramayana, Mahabarata epics from Balinese history are staged at festivals around the island to the delight of the visitors.

There is always something to see and do in Bali. The tourists will have the opportunity to view some spectacular mountains and volcanoes, crystal clear lakes and rivers, untouched tranquil countryside and white sandy beaches. Bali offers everything, from water sports to mountain tracking, from helicopter rides to zoo and wildlife parks. There is something for everyone, the young, and the young at heart. Bali's spectacular nightlife is full of variety, offering everything the tourist could imagine. Bali age old customs and ceremonies afford the visitors a trully memorable lifetime experience.


Today's Bali is a place of incredible luxury, where lucky guests can escape the cares of the world with their every desire catered into a gracious style. And today, Bali is also a place where social world still follows ritual rhythms established generations ago. Bali offers a variety of entertainments available nowhere else on earth. From visiting temples to watching traditional dance performances to surfing, sailing, sun-bathing and adventure tour.

The options are virtually endless, the possible pleasures only limited by one's inclinations, imagination and spirit for adventure. Bali invites visitors to escape in the luxury of diamonds and star-rated hotels. The variety scattered across the island, offering a range of accomodations, activities, facilities and dining options. Internationals standard meetings, conferences and exhibition facilities are available at Convention Center supported with audiovisual equipment. Various themes and set ups are catered for all levels of budget, carefully attended by a dedicated support team.

Bali's near perfect weather conditions make life here a pleasurable experience, with temperatures remaining consistent nearly all year around. Bali's warm and friendly people make you feel at home, happy and relaxed, even if you are far away. Bali is Bali forever, Bali was, is, and will always be, the Bali many know and hold dear to their hearts.

Come to Bali, an island of peace and love.

(Source : Bali Interactive CD-Rom "Bali, the Island of Peace" by Bali Tourism Authority, 2000)


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December 14th, 2018

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