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Buleleng Regency

Buleleng Regency


Buleleng covers the largest area in Bali and features mountains, lakes, plains and coastlines. Even tough Buleleng is the largest regency in Bali, Buleleng's western and northern parts are vast and dry areas.Those areas are not suitable for wet agriculture, but rather for fruit plantations such as oranges, coffee and cloves. You could also found grape and tobacco plantation in the Buleleng's coastal areas.

Buleleng played an important role in the history of Bali especially during the era of Gajah Mada's Palapa Wira expedition. Buleleng's ancient villages such as Sembiran, Julah and other villages are the evidences of the history. A king of Buleleng, named Ki Gusti Panji Sakti, once ruled as far as East Java. We could also found some fascinating temples along the northern coastline of Buleleng, such as Payogan Papat Temple, Pulaki Temple, Ponjok Batu Temple, and Candi Gora Temple. All these temple are the testimonies of the spiritual journey of the ancient times.

Buleleng was considered a strategic place to begin a movement to conquer Bali by the Dutch army during the colonial period. The 87 Balinese kingdoms stated in the Paswara Asta Negara agreement were ruined due to an invasion from North Bali. Buleleng was defeated in the Jagaraga war in 1849, and then was placed under the power of the Dutch colonial government.

The development of the tourism industry in Bali has had a great impact on the development of tourism industry in Buleleng, especially in Lovina and Kalibukbuk. Buleleng accepted and developed a culture which is somewhat different from that of South Bali. Gedong Kirtya is the most precious asset for Buleleng because it is here in gedong Kertya where you can still find thousands of ancient Balinese manuscripts of history, religion and ethics and Balinese traditional medicine inscribed on lontar palm leaves

(Source : Bali Interactive CD-Rom "Bali, the Island of Peace" by Bali Tourism Authority, 2000 and "Bali in Brief", By Bali Government Tourism Office, 2008)

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Sunset Ayu Rest.
Jl. Banyu Alit, Lovina, Singaraja
Phone : (0362) 41054
Karina Rest.
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Aneka Lovina
Jl. Raya Lovina, Kalibukbuk
Phone : (0362) 41121
Fax : (0362) 41827
Matahari Beach Resort
Desa Pemuteran, Grokgak
Phone : (0362) 92313
Fax : (0362) 92313

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